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lunedì 10 aprile 2017


Cate Blanchett is on fire in the new Thor Ragnarok teaser! The movie will be in theatres from November 2017. And we are really looking forward for it!
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mercoledì 5 aprile 2017


La La Land has gone crazy. What is considered to be The Movie of the 2017 awards' season has won 6 Oscars- after being nominated for in 14 categories. But why hasn't won The Oscar?
In my opinion, La La Land Should have won Best Picture. So, let's discover why.

La La Land (2016),written and directed by Damien Chazelle, is the  romantic musical comedy-drama film of the year. Great stars cast: Ryan Gosling, plays Sebastian; Emma Stone as Mia; John Legend and Rosemarie DeWitt. An aspiring pianist and an aspiring actress met accidentally in Los Angeles. Mia suddenly felt attracted by Sebastian musical skills together with his uncommon firstly rough then sweet behaviour. Free to talk about their dreams, they will help each other in finding their own path to the stars. 
Why La La Land is definitely the best movie of this season and why you will fall in love with it:
·         The magic: the combination of music, lights, singing & dancing plus a savant script, well balanced between comedy and drama, made La La Land much similar to an open-eyes- dream than a movie itself.
·         The story: although the plot is quite simple, while watching I thought how unlikely a movie like this is realised in nowadays. Beyond space and time, elevated to the best, unforgettable classics.
·         The perfect views: from the nocturnal view of Los Angeles, passing through the street & city buildings and the frame landscape, all seems real… and imagined at the same time.
·         Songs & Dances: it is incredibly how the songs and the dancing fits the scrip wright.
·          The dream team: I cannot even talk of “acting skills”. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land are the extreme synthesis of all-rounds performers. I mean, have you seen Ryan playing piano? Or Emma singing using intense, acting only, facial expressions? I bow.
·         The palpable chemistry: once again, Gosling and Stone created a natural, sweet acting couple that will blow your heart away.
·         John Legend: well, judging his voice will seem stupid. But, his acting? Surprising
·         The feels: Some movies “take out” from within a precise felling you are able to straight away. La La Land is a continue flow of different emotions, a turbine you are trapped in for the whole length.
·         The season division and the fast- forward: The season division was really entertaining. I enjoyed also the final dramatic fast-forward, because, after the precise division following a year time, it surprises you.
·         The ending: not a banal one. Although its accordance to the dreamy atmosphere of the movie, the ending reminds us how reality works.
Movie rating: a contemporary classic. Beyond any kind of raking.
And you? Did you like it too? Feel free to comment below.

lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Hi everyone! I have just finished watching "The Discovery"... and it was... strange? creepy? I don't know, but certainly this movie is a wind of fresh air. I have tried to gather my thoughts in a review, but the truth is the movie has left me with a mixture on disclosed feelings. Let me know what you think and if you haven’t, go watch the Discovery- avoidable on Netflix.


Directed and written by Charlie McDowell, “The Discovery” (2017) is a sci-fic movie; the cast stars are Rooney Mara who plays Isla, Jason Segel as Will and the legendary Robert Redford as Thomas Harbour.

The plot: The movie starts with Harbour- the man who has discovered and proved the existence of an afterlife- being interview. After his discovery, a huge amount of people has suicide and so, the interviewer asks him whether he feels responsible for this creepy growing trend. It is the 2nd anniversary of the discovery, when Will- Harbours’ son, travels on a ferry where he meets Isla. The man said the woman looks very familiar to him, even if, apparently, they have just met each other. They begin talk and Will reveals her that once, while being dead for about a minute, he saw a boy running at a beach.  Isla and Will take different roads, to meet again the day after on a beach, where Isla is about to commit suicide and Will stops her.  Will brings Isla at his father’s residence, where people who attempt suicide are gathered in order to recover and re-enter the real life. This is the beginning of the Discovery.

Things that you will enjoy:

·         The Discovery: and, most of all, its implications. I have liked how the discovery of an afterlife would affect people’s behaviour. Feels creepy.

·         Memories: all the movie seems a complicated fragmentation of memories that spread of each character but, at the end, all gathers.

·         Isla: a out-of-scheme, freaking real person. And Rooney Mara is, once again, fantastic.

·         Isla and Will’s relationship: not a simple romance between two broken human beings.

·         The finale: love the bi/tri dimentional ending

The cinematography:

·         Love the visual expressionistic effects and the unusual angles of the camera- especially the ones in water when Isla attempts her life.

The music:

·         Puts you in the perfect status to understand the dramatic purpose of the story

Things that you might complain:

·         How does the machine work? I have liked to know more about it.

·         Will’s brother: I didn’t like much his character. He seems useless.

·         The girl and her no-real reason- shot… you are like “why the hell?”

Movie Rating: 3/5
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domenica 2 aprile 2017

Hi movie lovers! I'm gonna repost here the main reviews of the 2017 Oscars' season. You can find them on facebook and Instagram in the links below. So, let's begin with...

Today I’m about to explain why Moonlight has ENCHANTED me, so you can share your opinion too or, if you haven’t watch it yet, run as soon as possible to your local theatre. This 2017 awards’ season is full of worth- watching movies, but Moonlight leads the dances, stretching itself to the Olympus of best movies of all times, as it had already collected the prestigious Golden Globe. I’m sure we will be talking about Moonlight for years, but the words are kind of flowing out of my fingers so I will start right now.

Moonlight is a drama film written and directed by Barry Jenkins, based on the play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. The film stars Trevante Rhodes, André Holland, Janelle Monáe, Ashton Sanders, Jharrel Jerome, Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali.

Moonlight is the story of Charon, a “Little” boy who lives with her mother, who is a drugs-addicted. Charon appears to be fragile compared to the other boys who start to call him “faggot”. Charon meets Juan, a drugs dealer who tried to raise the boy up. Charon grows by his own, trying to know himself and to carve out his place in society.

Things you will enjoy:

·         The luck of plot: in Moonlight, such has happened in Fences, there is no plot. I mean, nothing (in terms of actions), occurs during the movie. It is a glimpse of Chiron’s life. Again, modernist taste.

·         The history of a lifetime: I liked the fact that the movie is divided in chapters where we can see Chiron growing through 3 different stages of his life. It reminds me the structure of an old audio book. Visionally, fascinating and a bit retro. Love it.

·         The roughness of relationships: I’ve found this movie really touching because Chiron, from his youth ages, does not have a normal relationship… with anyone! He does not have a normal family, nor friends who love and respect him. And, watching the movie, this does not seem forced or ridiculous, it just seems incredibly real.

·         The power of silence: Although Chiron is the main character, is the one who says less in the movie. The eyes, the stares and the touches are fundamental to decodify Chiron thoughts and fears. In some points of the movie, Chiron reminded me Rooney Mara playing Therese in the wonderful Carol. But Chiron is hurt, and you, as a spectator, can almost feel his pain.

·         The building of a shell: Moonlight explains how life, unlikely situations, contribute to deprive someone of themselves. Can Chiron feel himself anymore? Or, being forced to change his personality in order to please others, he does not know anymore who he is?

·         His only/lonely friend: I liked the fact that the not stereotyped characters, in this movie, are “alone” even in a crowd. The implosion of repressed emotions seemed so real to me, somehow, I’ve empathized with the character’s feelings.

·         The eyes of a boy in a man’s face: The best part of the movie is when you recognize the little Charon in the grown-up version. The ending is incredibly touching and breath-taking  

·         The fast sequences, the pale colours and the music: it all worked in sincro.

·          The language is violent, aggressive and cruel.
Movie rating: 5+/5

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