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lunedì 21 maggio 2018

A beautiful day

A beautiful day (or You Were Never Really Here,2017) written and directed by Lynne Ramsay with Joaquin Phoenix.
Now out everywhere, the movie was presented in last years' Cannes and recognized with 2 awards, best screenplay and the Palm D'Or for Joaquin's interpretation.

Joe is a US veterain who currently lives with his mother and works as a mercenary. Joe is hired by an important senator to rescue his daughter Nina from a juvenile brothel. This adventure will take Joe to face his inners horrors, such as his childhood's memories and some episodes of the war. Meanwhile,  the man succeeded in save Nina, but the road to the girl's freedom is sprinkled with blood.

A beautiful day is an author's movie, with an original direction and an impeccable performance by J. Phoenix. A story that deals with childhood abuses and horrors that are, in majority, unspoken. Intense, thrilling...  worth watching.

Movie rating: 4/5

Micol Sartori