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martedì 3 settembre 2019

Ciak Movie's worst 3 outfits from the VFF red carpet

Well, well, well. Not always "red carpet" is synonymous to "classy good looking outfit". Here, we have chosen the worst 3 we have seen this days in Venice...

And we begin with...


Is that really Dickie Greenlaf?  (Law's character in The Talented Mr Rypley) Definitely not ! The (usually) handsome American actor Jude Law has failed this red carpet call completely. The full Armani's outfit, which in my opinion was loosely sporty didn't save the actor's charm... plus, you do need an haircut, mr Law ! Vote: 5/10

The second fail goes to... 


The Italian starlets Benji and Bella, were applauded by the fans besides their couple's epic fail in the Red Carpet. Benji boots are unbelievably sloppy , and Bella's dress... touches one of the highest points of ugliness. Vote: 4/10

And the scepter of desperation goes to... 


Do we really need to comment ? Vote: 2/10

Micol Sartori 

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