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mercoledì 4 settembre 2019

VFF Exclusive: the YP2 reviewed !

The 1st September 2019 was a special day at the Venezia Film Festival: the Laundromat (with Meryl Streep) was presented, and so the Young Pope 2 by Paolo Sorrentino. I had the opportunity to watch the unveiled episodes 02x02 and 02x07.

Comment: What I liked about the first season of the YP was pope Lenny (Jude Law) being out of every imaginable scheme- a cherry Coke for breakfast? After suffering an heart attack, the pope is still unconscious in bed and Voiello and the pope's staff is searching for a substitute. An English gentleman is identified as a moderate substitute and in episode 02 we get to know this man and his family history. As time passes (ep 07), Larry wakes up and discovers he has lost is predominant position in the Vatican City. But the Saint Pope is no longer so extrovert and dynamic as we may be expected after watching this sneak peek...

Director Sorrentino has chosen an unexpected return to normality and the YP now, seems to me more classifiable as a church-genre telefilm than an open critic to some outdates laws and rules of the Vatican state and clergy. A little time is left to irony and the entertainment suffers this returning to "the clear path". 

Ciak Movie review: 3/5

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