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venerdì 6 settembre 2019

Once upon a time... in Hollywood -> EXCLUSIVE REVIEW

Once upon a time... in Hollywood (2019) directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Leonardo di Caprio, Bred Pitt, Margot Robbie and Sidney Sweeney

Once upon a time... in Hollywood is set at the end of Hollywood golden age, in 1969. Rick, the protagonist, is an actor who has always played the part of the nemesis in historical movies or westerns-Bounty Law-is  the one who killed and, at the end, is defeated by the good one. Rick is getting old, and is career is going through the “sunset bulevard” because of the repetition of his role: for this reason, he is frustrated and believes he and his stuntman Cliff, need a turning point, in order to survive. But Rick's whole life seems drafted out of a western... isn't it? 

Tarantino is exploring deeply the friendship between Rick and Cliff, which is not so usual in the studios system: Cliff loves Rick sincerely and is not enveying Rick relative success nor behind his shadow for the whole life. In fact, Cliff takes care of Rick, drives him around because he hasn’t a driving license anymore and so on. So an interesting question may come to mind: who is enjoying more life at Cielo blvd? Tarantino goes through the fast of a mediocre career, where the idea of success is more in light than the success itself. 

And so is the case of the beautiful Sharon Tate, Roman Polski’s wife and an Hollywood starlet who is willing to become the next Diva. Tarantino’s camera lingers on her, focuses on her legs while she’s walking around LA and her lovely smiles. Sharon is so glad she’s in that world she goes to the local theatre and watch herself on the silver screen, even if nobody recognizes her. But she’s young and fearless, the image of a world of talent and possibilities, disrupted in a terrible way, in a terrible night. 

Roman Polanski is only an appearance who, in my opinion needed more exploration. Interesting is the link between Cliff, George, Charlie Manson and his gang of hippies - which is briefly mentioned but has a particular result in the development of the storyline. 
There are so many things I liked about this movie. 
  • First of all the '60s vintage setting with the costumes, particularly Cliff's Hawaiian shirt, the posters along Cielo blvd and the cars. 
  • Then, a Tarantino's obsession for feet: in many shots, the camera is focusing on the women's feet as a sign of sensuality and of "nudity" of the character. Subtle. 
  • The ridicule of martial arts with an hilarious scene. 
  • Di Caprio and Pitt scenes together
The thing that mostly disappointed me is Margot Robbie role as Sharon. She has been reduced in a role similar to the one she holds in The Wolf of Wall Street. And I would have add some speed at some scenes. 

Once upon a time... in Hollywood is Tarantino's 9th movie. And we freaking love it !

Ciak movie rating: 5/5 - one of the best of the year ! 

Micol Sartori 

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